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mike__goorjian's Journal

michael goorjian fans
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All Members , Moderated

...RULES... NOTE: These are subject to change at any time a moderator deems necessary.

1. PLEASE respect all other community members and moderators.
2. No teeny-bopper netspeak crap. [I.E. OMG LyK mIcHaL gOrEjIn Is S0000 hOtT! I WANZ HIZ BABEZZZ]
3. Try to stay as on-topic as possible. If your post has nothing to do with Michael, don't post. [NOTE: This does not apply to introductions]
4. All images over 200x200 pixels should be put under a cut. NO EXCEPTIONS.
5. No excess plugging. Cross-posting is allowed, as long as it has something to do with Michael Goorjian. This includes Newsies [since I know there a billion Newsies communities]

1. For icons, if there are more than three images, they should go under a cut with no more than two teasers.
2. Michael Goorjian related icons, layouts, etc, only.

If you're confused about anything, or have a question relating to Michael Goorjian in any way, shape, or form, make a post in the community. Or, you can contact me:

E-mail: kyriel_f@hotmial.com
AIM: kyrielsan